Crisis communication training

Are you prepared for the worst?

Every organisation is vulnerable to a crisis. Covid-19 is a timely reminder that companies need to be prepared for any type of critical situation. The days of controlling the situation with a few press releases and phone calls to the media have passed. We’re now in a world where Social Media drives the narrative of a crisis; where media outlets grab the information they require without even leaving their desks. The media machine ensures the crisis remains in the public psyche for days or even months to come.

I can devise a Crisis Communication training programme that gives you the opportunity to put yourself in a pressure cooker environment by enacting and testing your crisis function. This could take the form of a data breach or malpractice; anything that can put you on the back-foot and reeling from a crisis.

I can assemble a team of journalists and technicians who will put you to the test by recreating the media storm that will hit you if a crisis strikes. I can use the latest technology, including Green Screens and Twitter emulations as well as current and former journalists who have worked at the highest level.

The simulation will help better equip yourself and manage the situation with clarity, speed and authority. There are many ways to approach a crisis. To get the full benefit, we engage with all the functions of your organisation. I can do desktop crisis exercises if you want to test a specific area of your business, be it your comms function or digital media department.

As we know a useful crisis simulation reaches far beyond a department or individual, it permeates every part of the organisation affecting both internal and external stakeholders.

It never strikes at a convenient time when all your resources are available - it catches you out - unless you've prepared! We have a team of experts who are involved in numerous crisis exercises and simulations. I bring experience and know-how to the table, offering you the chance to protect your brand when it's most vulnerable.

The team will feedback and analyse your performance, providing on-the-spot advice to those in the firing line.


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Protect your brand and manage your reputation.

The positive reputation of a business is essential to its success. The level of public trust and confidence in a business or a brand can have a direct effect on the bottom line. Consumers regularly use the Internet for research purposes and what they find can be the difference between winning or losing business.

A company’s reputation can be damaged in a variety of ways such as negative online news, targeted blogs, consumer forums and social media profiles.


What we can do for you?


Plan and Prevent

You've got to be ready for whatever comes your way; putting in practical steps and having an assemblance of a plan will give you a headstart when a crisis does occur.

Do you know who is ready to step up and who is responsible for when the media comes your way? It won't be a polite knock on the door, It'll more likely be a big media sledgehammer that smashes through the door


Divide and Conquer

Separate the people handling the crisis from the people dealing with communications. You don't neccessarily want the CEO dragged in too many directions. Work out when and where to make that all important media appearence.

The media will often demand to speak to those who are dealing with the crisis, it's not always possible. Learn to drip-feed the media with nuggets of important information and take ownership of the crisis.


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Have you thought of everything?

Preparation and delivery box ticked - what else is there to do? Your legal department or lawyer could be called upon if criminal proceedings ensue as a result of the crisis.

Your stakeholders are your backers, make sure they are aware of anything that can potentially put them at risk.