Public speaking training

In the corporate world, public speaking & presentation skills are vital to business success.

Public Speaking Training: Your mindset can influence how you perform specific tasks and with presentations that feeling is often one of anxiety and stress. We can present well, or we can do this badly, and the outcome, invariably, forms public opinion. This is why public speaking causes so much concern.

I work with you (coaching) to create the speaker you want to be. I use proven coaching techniques and practical exercises during our workshops. My presentation tips are practical steps that you can do straight away, I work with you to achieve the right balance between content and style. Presenting to a large audience can be nerve-racking, but done well it can be extremely rewarding and career enhancing.

I guide you through the process by allowing you to practice and hone your presentation style. I give constructive feedback on your performances and look at content, style of delivery, body language, tone and pace as well as the technicalities and surroundings.

Presenting to a large audience or in front of your colleagues has its own unique challenges; I show you how to get the best out of each opportunity.

Hayermedia public speaking training courses focus on preparation and delivery. The key to a successful presentation is all about what you want to achieve. I find what works best is a single idea or concept that threads its way through your presentation leaving a lasting impression on your audience.


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Focus on the audience and tailor your content.

One thing that people forget to do is to tailor a presentation to meet the needs of the audience. If you simply regurgitate material with no consideration of the make-up of the audience you're in danger of your message not getting through and the audience feeling flat and uninspired.

If you are a natural entertainer, then use these skills in your presentation. However, bear in mind the purpose of the presentation and how it will be assessed.


What I can do for you?


Help you prepare for the presentation

Write down bullet points as an aide or have index cards with buzz words to remind you of where to go next. These will prompt your memory if you lose your place. Visit the room and try out the technology. The worst feeling is having to cope with something not working and then fumbling through a presentation.

Time yourself making the presentation. Cut it back if it is too long. Have a clear and opening and closing line that refers directly to the main issue. We'll give you the basics so you can focus on content and delivery.


Become the goto person for your industry

The competition is tough, and of course, in the 21st century, it's truly global. When your employees present, they represent everything about your brand. Audiences do not separate the message and the messenger.

If you want to be recognised as an industry leader, your presentations have to capture the audience and sustain their interest; we show you how to do that. Our Public Speaking Training course is designed to capture your goals, look at strengths and weaknesses to improve your overall performance and give you more confidence.


Who we are


Bring the passion

We're passionate and energised to produce fantastic results. We hope some of that rubs off on you - the best presenters often channel this passion and energy to present with a punch.

Enthusiasm for the topic is essential. If you seem disinterested or distracted, your audience will pick up on this.