Media training

We can tailor the media training to suit every ability; from novice to seasoned campaigner.

Hayer Media training will provide a step by step guide on how the news agenda is decided; why interviews end up as soundbites, and how 'journalists' operate, providing you with a comprehensive picture of the media industry.

This insight allows you to perfect your technique, ensuring you’re confident and assured when put under the media spotlight. HayerMedia use video examples and personal anecdotes to ensure the media training is kept exciting and engaging!

We devise, in partnership, realistic scenarios that reflect your business. These are used to test your capability when facing the media, simulating any media interview; Tv, radio, print/online, Skype, Facetime etc.

Clients I have worked with have told me more than anything else; it's how surprised they were by the amount of research we did before each workshop. I believe that to get the most out of a media training session, it has to be highly tailored -- and that "off the shelf" training is sometimes not practical.

As a Media Trainer, I know how to transfer our knowledge to trainees so that by the end of the day performances and interviews are considerably better and the improvements are very noticeable. Workshop participants regularly experience moments of clarity which improve communication transactions, making them impactful and long-lasting.

I've regularly refined Media Training content, thus creating a fast-paced, fun, and highly stimulating workshop that receives consistently fantastic feedback.

We can re-create the media environment at your premises or indeed host at a convenient location. Access to many studios including Millbank, The London Stock Exchange, BBC and ITV.

HayerMedia provides pre-and post-course material as well as the technical equipment required to make the day a success. The optimum level of delegates is six, but we can accommodate more if necessary. We create bespoke sessions for one to one coaching and half-day media training sessions.


Get to know our story...

Telling stories is what we do.

As a journalist who's worked with PR professionals, I want to help you tell a story that gets you noticed and gets the audience interested. I'm in a unique position - I understand what it takes to get stories in the local, national and International press. As a journalist I have the right connections to get you to places you never thought possible.

I'll prepare you for the journey and guide you on what works best in the media. I am a media training expert.


What I can do for you?


Media Training Masterclass

A lot of businesses would like to get more profile and brand awareness, and know the media is a good way of getting some publicity for free. However, there are a lot of concerns: Will I get caught out? What if I make a fool out of myself? What if I say the wrong thing?

I aim to put your mind at ease and give you some handy tips and tricks to deal with all your anxieties.


The Three C's

Individually designed media coaching to meet your specific needs, all my programmes give you Consistency, Clarity and Control. I'll enhance your communication skills with re-fresher or advanced training. Should the real thing happen, in the media, the office or even the boardroom, you will always be in control – Clear, Credible and Confident.

I'll help you demonstrate authority through strong interviews; control difficult and hostile questions and deliver memorable sound bites.


Who we are


The Social Media generation

Social Media has overtaken television as young people's main source of news according to some reports. Although people flock to the BBC to negate fake news, social media plays a vital role in newsgathering and User Generated Content (UGC)

It's an integral part of the news operation and an integral part of corporate communications.