Media Relations

Media Relations put simply is a function for a company seeking to increase its visibility in the media.

One aspect of working in the service based industry that many find difficult is explaining the true value of the services you provide to your clients.

It's hard to show how media relations can benefit your organisation, after all its an intangible service that many feel is superfluous to business objectives and profitability.

However, you just have to look at how Martin Lewis has made a career out of media engagements and how his brand moneysupermarket.com, is now one of the goto places for money-savvy consumers. It's not just him; there are a family of faces that regularly contribute to media outlets, becoming the voice of their respective industry.

Media relations essentially means liaising with the media to inform audiences of, new achievements or announcements, policies, practices, trends, research, and opinions. Media relations is useful for pro-active and reactive media engagements.

It can help promote an idea or brand, increasing reach and awareness, but it can also assist in a crisis or difficult time for your business. Having a good relationship with a journalist or influencer is an essential component of PR.

Media relations is important from a business perspective because having third-party endorsements is more effective in establishing a reputation for whatever you want to convey to the public. This is because an integral part of gaining press coverage for a media relations campaign is ensuring that your message is something the public will find interesting enough to be the focus of an article or a report. In journalistic parlance, this is called finding a 'top-line'.

Together we can help find that top line. Writing Press Releases is easy, but converting those releases into stories is much harder. We talk you through the do's and don'ts of media relations as well as writing impactful Press Releases for your business.



Get to know my story...

Is all publicity good publicity?

This catchphrase still applies today, in fact, some brands court controversy to get themselves noticed. This can be a dangerous ploy but used cleverly can work in your favour.

With Social Media scrutiny and digital connectivity, click-bait journalism is on the look-out for the next big thing. We teach you about the pitfalls and advantages of having a deep digital footprint.


What I can do for you?


Multi-media Press Releases

What's the definition of a good press release and is it still relevant today? A well written press release will pique the interest of a journalist.

The structure, content and timing of a press release are equally important when pitching a story to a journalist . It helps the planning department of the relevant media outlet come up with original stories and puts a spotlight on your organisation - a win-win. We talk through how to write a digital press release fit for digital and traditional media channels.


Superhero stories

If the truth be known we don't always have the most amazing story to tell. I am a working journalist so I know the pressure that journalists are under.

I know what will work and what won't - I will ensure that time is not wasted on selling stories that will never see the light of day. When I pitch and when I sell in stories I look at the whole suite of resources available to me.


Who we are


Short film and photography

Hayer Media has an in-house photographer and specialises in promo corporate videos for SME's.

I can provide professional photography for websites and product launches, as well as corporate headshots. I use modern tech to tell the story of the people behind your business not just what your business does.