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Media training and coaching

Media Training Services: Hayer Media training will provide a step by step guide on how the news agenda is decided; why interviews end up as soundbites, and how journalists operate, providing you with a comprehensive picture of the media industry. This insight allows you to perfect your technique ensuring you’re confident and assured when put under the media spotlight.

We use video examples and personal anecdotes to ensure the media training is kept exciting and engaging!

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Public speaking training

In the corporate world, public speaking & presentation skills are vital to business success.

Your mindset can influence how you perform specific tasks, and with presentations or public speaking, the feeling is often one of anxiety and stress.

We work with you (coaching) to create the speaker you want to be. We use proven coaching techniques and practical exercises during our workshops.

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Crisis communication training

Every organisation is vulnerable to crises. The days of controlling the situation with a few press releases and phone calls to the media have passed. We’re now in a world where Social Media drives the narrative of a crisis and media outlets grab the information they require without even leaving their desks.

The media machine ensures the crisis remains in the public psyche for days or even months to come.

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Media relations

Media Relations put simply is a function for a company seeking to increase its visibility in the media. Media relations is important from a business perspective because having third-party endorsements is more effective in establishing a reputation for whatever you are trying to convey to the public..

This is because an integral part of gaining press coverage for a media relations campaign is ensuring that the public find your message interesting enough to hold their attention. In journalistic parlance, this is called finding a 'top-line'

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